Mobile gaming’s major players

Before Homa, making a hit mobile game was blood, sweat and luck. Now, it’s more like step one, step two, step three.

So, who are we? We’re the people behind mobile gaming’s great leap forward. the creative specialists giving game creators the tools, support and data needed to power up their creativity and multiply their downloads.


Our Community

Build communities and technology that help game makers transform their ideas into games billions are eager to download and play.






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Our People

To lead the world, you need people from all over it

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Homa Marketing team
01Marketing & Comms

They are brilliant minds who ensure the world knows everything about us.

Homa Tech & Product team
02Product & Tech

Without these glorious people handling our engineering, infrastructure and mobile gaming division, we'd really very little to sell.

Homa Partnership team
03Business Dev & Partnerships

These folks could sell a hungry wolf to a plump turkey household. They're masters of opportunity, champions of closing deals, and they do it all with style and finesse.

Homa Publishing team
04Game Production

Our publishing & market intelligence people know basically all there is to know about the trends and currents in mobile gaming.

Homa Data & Operations team
05Operations & Data

The guardians of our data and internal systems. If Homa were a body, they'd make sure we were always hydrated.

User Acquisition & Monetization team

These people are just like u in the AM. We call them the morning people.

Homa People team

These TA and HR masters take care of the people who work here. They keep things running smoothly and sniff out toxicity.

Homa Creatives team

These people could create a game ad that would make you want to play even if you hate games.

We Value:


We put flags on summits

We set our goals ambitiously high and don’t shy away from the climb. We’re on a mission to take over an industry thick with incumbents who won’t go quietly into the night. To succeed here, you’ll need a highly metaphorical shield and a sword.

We Value:


We put our egos aside

We put our hands up. First to volunteer to help, second to high-five. Having an ego is natural, but letting it run the show is unhelpful to everyone. In the words of Mr. Lamar: Sit down. Be humble.

We Value:


We keep our eyes open

We believe the best way to know anything is to question everything. And to do that, you need open eyes and open minds at all times.

The Community

Making Games to build a universe

We’re not just building tools to help developers build better games. We're creating a universe where players can take ownership of their favorite character and step into a web of games, adventure and prizes.

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Start building games with data, insight and tested hit potential built right in.